Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

There has been a flurry of information and advertisement relating to this past Earth Day. This time of year, we encourage everyone to take a step back and reflect. What have you done in the past to improve our planet? What new things can you do to better our Earth?

In reality, Earth Day is not a day that comes once a year. If we had lived in the Vince Lombardi era, we would have heard him say, “winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing.”

This principle applies to our stewardship of the planet. Just imagine if everyone thought this way about Earth Day—that it is an everyday celebration, not just an annual one.

Plant Material is Critical

In America, planting is key. Raising plants successfully is vital to creating the necessary carbon sinks that help clean the air and better our planet. To ensure this success, it is important that we plant trees, shrubs, and ground covers in the right place.

Plant Sentry™ operates beyond the scope of shipping legal plants to the place of planting. We want to ensure that planting success is achieved at the highest of levels.

Of course, this starts with purchasing compliant plants that meet all regulatory requirements. When shipped plants arrive, a large portion of their growing success depends on the tender care provided by you, the consumer. It is therefore helpful to understand the essential factors of planting.

Proper Care of Plants Reduces Pests and Diseases

A single environment can have a range of planting variables, including soil types, sun to shade ratios, wind patterns, and moisture content, provided either by you or Mother Nature herself. It is important to consider the amount of water in the area, particularly.

Homes with gutters and large roof surface areas can dump great amounts of water into the planting environment. Most people overlook this, and it can lead to accidental overwatering that increases root rot pathogens. Additionally, any undue stress on a tree increases its odds of hosting pests, pathogens, and weeds.

Trees are often planted without mulch, but mulch provides insulation for the new roots while keeping lawn mowers and weed whackers away from the collars and trunks. In fact, these two machines are the number one reason why trees never make it to old age. Damage to these tree regions increases the likelihood of secondary bacterial and fungal cankers among other pests like borers.

Finally, proper fertilization – in combination with a good biological root stimulant – can help keep plants at optimal health. This will keep unwanted weeds and invasive insect and plant species at bay.

All things considered, the care you provide your plant from day one will help ease the growing transition. Supplemental care will become a breeze each day of the plant’s life.

In retrospect, Earth Day is every day. Every day that you enjoy your plants is what makes the experience incredible. The care you give will keep them healthy for years to come. Please, take the time to enjoy your plants. Earth Day is every day, and Plant Sentry™ is here to support it.