Invasive Species Cost $137 Billion Dollars in 2019

Invasive Species Cost $137 Billion Dollars in 2019

“Invasive species are a global issue, but they impact local communities causing damage to their economy and environment daily.

Dr. Mark Renz | Professor & Extension Specialist | University of Wisconsin at Madison

Invasive species include non-native insects, animals, invertebrates, aquatic organisms, diseases, and plants. Their hallmark is the ability to outcompete the native species within their new environment.

Although most people may not be aware of the expense of invasive species, they do cause a considerable expense to our country. In 2019 alone, the cost projections were roughly $137 billion.

February 24th – 28th is National Invasive Species Week (NISAW)

Every year, the efforts this week focus on awareness of the persistent battle against invasive species’ damages. Word is getting out there:

  • Consumers are getting more savvy about the impact of invasive species.
  • Most insurance companies look for beneficial programs that help reduce liability costs.

Verified Purchases Help You Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

Plant Sentry™ is an affordable and scalable software solutions to protect wholesale, retail and e-commerce sales. It helps you do everything you can to stop the spread of invasive species.

This efficient software is a big part of the solution moving forward. As you know, it takes time to build and maintain relationships with all the regulators at State and Federal levels.

We help you manage all the compliance requirements. This includes both growing and shipping regulated plant materials for each State of origin and each destination State.

Our team stays active in the game. This way we stay ahead of new regulated plant, pest, and disease concerns.

In addition, we serve on councils, committees, and a board regarding the issue of invasive species. We speak to national audiences at industry conferences and universities to promote our effort.

Our work is continuous, not only one week out of the year.

Get Compliance Support with Plant Sentry™

Plant Sentry ™ is a consolidated national compliance database of all State and Federal regulations governing plant diseases, regulated pests, invasive plants and quarantine areas. It is continuously updated.

This mobile-ready tool makes it easy to comply with rapidly changing growing, inspection and audit requirements for all Federal regulations and restrictions of all 50 States.

National Invasive Species Week puts a spotlight on invasive species solutions. It’s time for efficient tools like Plant Sentry™ to stop these pests.

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