We’re Grateful

We’re Grateful

2020 has been a wild ride, and as things start taking on a sparkle of hope, we remain excited, yet apprehensive for the future. This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States and it looks a little different than last year. What is typically the beginning of a warm and rejuvenating American holiday season, this year will be a holiday tradition for many filled with less. 

As dismal as that idea may be, this holiday season may be just what we needed here at Plant Sentry™.  2020 was an unprecedented year! You’ve heard this a dozen, if not hundreds of times, in the media this year. But seriously, it was unprecedented.

How It Changed Us

This year has required great strides in character from all of us, but from our industry even more so. Nursery Management Magazine conducted a survey this past September and found that 47% of their readers in our industry had experienced a sales increase. They also found that 23% had experienced a sales decrease. [1]

We’ve heard growers use the terms “mad dash” and “challenging” probably more this year than ever before. But, what’s amazing is that not a single one of them ever saw these challenges as something that couldn’t be overcome.

So while many of us are still working to fulfill inventories for 2021, we’ll always remember this year as the first season that really showed us just how far we could go.

The Impacts

Like so many other industries we faced the challenge of keeping our employees safe, while continuing to meet the demands of our customers. COVID reignited a fiery passion for plants for many of our customers that created a demand for some companies beyond what they could carry. 

In other parts of our industry companies like Sakata Seed America were donating masks and gloves to medical workers within their areas.[2] AmericanHort headed up efforts on H-2B visas and relief efforts for horticulture. With so many additional hoops to jump through, growers and industry supporters throughout the country showed support and compassion wherever they could, even if it meant donating their orchids to hospitals. 

Some growers saw loss, losing inventory and not being able to pivot to an online storefront fast enough also became a challenge for many. The face of horticulture changed continually throughout the year as e-Commerce took demand and many of the ways we connect with one another were postponed or cancelled.

There’s not a doubt in our minds that 2020 changed our industry for the better but just how much is something we’ll continue to see in the months to come. 

Reflection & Gratitude

Fall leaves in a pile with a lot of color

The challenges of this year were nothing short of extraordinary, yet we overcame them. 

At Plant Sentry™, as we sit down with our family members in our bubble tomorrow, we’ll be reminded of all the moments of gratitude that this year brought. 

We’ll reflect and feel incredibly grateful for each and every one of our clients that allow us to continue to assist in shipping safe and healthy plants. 

We’ll say “thank you” for another year in this industry, and another year to come. 

We will remind ourselves that while so many this year are struggling simply just to keep a roof over their heads, we have been fortunate enough to keep ours. 

In a world that is constantly changing and moving at the speed of light, we’re especially grateful for this time of reflection, and the opportunity to say “Thank You.”

If you’re looking to tighten up your shipping efforts through regulatory and compliance efforts, be sure to drop us a message in our “Contact Us” box below, and let’s see how we can help.

Happy Thanksgiving From Plant Sentry™