Our Services

Our Services

Plant Sentry empowers your organization with the tools & data you need to:

  • Ensure compliance with state & federal plant shipping regulations
  • Acquire permits to expand market reach
  • Help protect your brand in the event of an investigation, audit, or outbreak

How It Works

We Import Your Plant Data and Identify All Known Shipping Restrictions

We take your list of plant SKUs and standardize the botanical names (Genus, Species, & Cultivar) to meet industry standards.

Then we identify all applicable state & federal shipping regulations for those plants, based on the states you ship from & to, and build a custom data set of known shipping restrictions for your organization to reference and review with your regulatory officials as needed.

We Provide a Web Portal to View, Maintain, & Audit Your Plants and Restrictions

We’ve developed a proprietary web applicationyou can use to look up shipping restrictions for your plants, by state. For example, use the portal to see any pest, disease, or invasive species restrictions involved with shipping a plant from one of your facilities to a customer. You can also use the portal to view all of your plants, applicable shipping restrictions, and dates we last audited them.

Our services can also be used to identify any exceptions, permits, or procedures that might enable your organization to safely and legally transport plants into otherwise restricted markets.

Plant Sentry Confidence Seals & Workflow Automation

Companies who are using our services can display the Plant Sentry confidence seal on their website and/or packaging to make shoppers and buyers aware of the extra precautions they are taking to protect them and the environment.

We can also work with you to integrate the Plant Sentry database with your web site or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This service can be used to check shipping restrictions on web site product pages, at checkout, and at the point of shipping, delivery, or fulfillment.

These are powerful ways to communicate compliance considerations to your customers proactively, gain customer confidence, and help ensure that your customers and staff don’t unknowingly violate state & federal regulations.

Ongoing Maintenance, Tracking, & Professional Support

Maintaining Restrictions – As you add new plants and state & federal regulations change, we keep your shipping restrictions database current.

Our technology can also log all shipping inquiries, providing helpful tracking data & documentation of the diligence your organization is taking to comply with applicable shipping regulations.

Audit Strategy, Relief, and Regulatory Guidance – In the event of an official investigation, audit, or outbreak we provide tools, data, and guidance that make it easier to collaborate with state & federal officials to resolve matters quickly and favorably.

Plant Health Optimization – Consult with our team of top horticulturists to discover the most up-to-date treatment protocols and regulatory quarantines that might impact production.


Pricing is based on the number of Plant SKUs, number of Origin States, and number of Destination States. Contact us today for a quote!